Pokemon White

Sept. 18, 2010 (JP) | Mar. 6, 2011 (NA)

Began Let's Play On:

Jul. 10, 2012


Feb. 12, 2013



Pokemon White is a role-playing video game with adventure elements, presented in a third-person, overhead perspective. There are three basic screens: an overworld, in which Lucah navigates the main character; a battle screen; and the menu, in which Lucah configures her party, items, or gameplay settings. Lucah begins the game with a single Pokémon, and is able to capture more using Poké Balls.

White is set in the Unova region, a continental mass located far away from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Unlike the previous regions which were based on locations in Japan, Unova is modeled after New York City. The protagonist of Pokémon Black and White is a teenager who sets out on a journey through Unova to become the Pokémon master. At the beginning of the games, Lucah chooses either Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott (Joshtheslt) as their starter Pokémon as a gift from Professor Juniper (Professor Jizziper). The protagonist's friends, Cheren (Chin hair) and Bianca (Peeonya), are also rival Pokémon Trainers who occasionally battle Lucah. Lucah's primary goal is to obtain the eight Gym Badges of Unova and ultimately challenge the Elite Four of the Pokémon League, and its Champion, to win the game. Chuggaaconroy made a special appearance for one of her episodes.

Pokemon PartyEdit

  • Joshtheslt (Samurott)
  • Snuggltits (Audino)
  • My Balls (Zebstrika)
  • Analvlcano (Darmanitan)
  • Donnadrilz (Excadrill)
  • Syphilis (Sigilyph)
  • Buttplug (Zekrom)

Funny QuotesEdit

  • ♫ We got the thing, it looks like a thing, and we put it in our birth control case! ♫ (Every time a badge is collected)

(Pokemon Center) ♫ Hey there, it looks like you need a toilet.

Take a dump and please enjoy it.

So I'll just go on the floor.

And Nurse Joy wants to see more.

Mmm Mmm, I just got my ass kicked.

Mmm Mmm, I need to buy some s#@t.

Bum Bum, where the hell are the revives?

I guess I don't get them yet..

I'm in deep s#@t... ♫

(Pokemon Center) ♫ We are inside of a toilet.

Don't know how we got inside it.

A fowl smelling breeze fills the room.

A nasty bowel movement perfume.

But wait, there's no toilet paper.

But wait, Nurse Joy is getting bored.

Oh my god, what have I done?

I better call NintendoCapriSun! ♫


  • This is Lucah's first Pokemon Let's Play.
  • Emile (Chuggaaconroy) made an appearance in this Let's Play.  It was the first time he appeared in any of Lucah's Let's Play.
  • Jay (Grandpyromania) Made a co-commentary appearance in the first post-game livestream of this game.

Let's PlayEdit

Playlist Here

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