The Seven Star Spirits are the ones that watch over the Mushroom Kingdom from Star Haven. They are also the guardians for the Star Rod, which can grant any wishes. They all appear in Paper Mario and are being held captive by Bowser's followers after Bowser and Kammy Koopa stole their precious Star Rod and turned them into playing cards, because of their ignoring Bowser's selfish wishes. Lucahjin has made many funny voices and nicknames for the star spirits.  The Star Spirits also made an appearance as hosts in Mario Party 5.

Star SpiritsEdit

  • Eldstar (Mustache/2 Heads/3 Arms/4 Legs/Star) - Voiced as an old man.
  • Mamar (The Girl Star/Mammy Star) - Voiced as a young black lady.
  • Skolar (Constipated Star) - Voiced similar to Professor Frankly.
  • Muskular (Ambiguously Gay Sailor Star) - Voiced as a sterotypical gay guy.
  • Misstar (W#oreish Star with a sash) - Voiced as a pole dancer.
  • Klevar (Overly dorky bow-tie wearing nerd Star with book because he can't get girlfriend and masturbates every night and lives in his parents basement) - Voiced as a stuffy and dorky nerd.
  • Kalmar (Adolf Hitler Star) - Voiced seriously, but can get Asian at times.


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